Meet our blog ambassadors

Current Ambassadors

Arjun Chakrabarti

Arjun.jpgArjun is an MBA student at Mays Business School. He grew up in India and studied engineering there. After working for a few years, he shifted companies and moved to Singapore. Now, he has decided to take a break from corporate life and come back to school to pursue business studies. In his free time, Arjun likes to listen to 70's and 80's rock music and practice his favorite Guns n Roses and Led Zeppelin tunes on guitar. He also loves to travel, meet new people, explore different cuisines of the world and scuba dive. Arjun is also a passionate Toastmaster and wants to become a professional motivational speaker.

Breanna Watkins

Breanna.jpgBreanna Watkins is a master’s student within agricultural leadership, education, and communications. Originally from southeastern Arizona, Bre earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona #BearDown and came to Texas A&M to expand her knowledge on communication within student organizations. Her ultimate goal is to be viewed as a resource for others to determine their passions in life. When she’s not assisting in the classroom or doing research, Bre can be found exploring the grand state of Texas, watching anything Disney related, or traveling the country as MANRRS National Graduate President. She’s proud to be a first-generation Aggie and experience the spirit that can ne’er be told.

Brittany Segundo

Brittany-Segundo.jpgBrittany is a PhD student in the department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, where her research is centered on applied Operations Research, particularly production, logistics, and supply chain systems within the manufacturing, military, and retail domains. She currently serves as president-elect for the Institute of Operations Research and Managements Sciences (INFORMS) student chapter. Prior to returning to graduate school, she worked as a management consultant, where she met her long-suffering husband. When she should probably be writing, she enjoys trying all the Asian eateries in BCS, camping, binge-watching sitcoms, reading book reviews, and occasionally even reading actual novels. She is currently on the hunt for the best tacos in town, so feel free to send her an email if you know of them.

Chase Pectol

Chase-Pectol.jpgI am a former high school teacher, DJ, and current second year PhD student in the chemistry department in the lab of Dr. Marcetta Darensbourg. I have lived in Texas all my life, and I have a BA in American Studies and a BS in Chemistry from UT Austin, which, for those of you not 'in the know' when it comes to Texas collegiate athletics rivalries, makes me a traitor. When not attempting to master the elements in a chemistry lab, I try to get outside with my dog as much as possible in and around College Station. I also enjoy going to music festivals and things of that nature in the central Texas area, and I am slowly finding my niche in College Station. My end goal for graduate school is to take my knowledge and unique skill set to venture into the world of academia.

Luis De Jesús Báez

Luis-De-Jesus-Baez.jpgMy name is Luis R. De Jesús Báez and I’m a fifth year Ph.D. candidate in the department of chemistry. I was born and raised in the tropical island of Puerto Rico, where my zeal for science grew since an early age. To satisfy my curiosity, I completed my studies in chemistry in the University of Puerto Rico–Cayey and decided to follow through with grad-school. I joined Prof. Sarbajit Banerjee at the University of Buffalo–SUNY for a year and moved with him to Texas A&M University to complete my graduate career. I enjoy to read, converse, exercise, and cook (my second passion). I strive to become a professor and help grow the minority community in the sciences.

Mingqian Liu

Mingqian-Liu.jpgMingqian Liu is a fourth year doctoral student from the Department of Architecture. Her research interests include architectural and urban history, historic preservation, museum studies and public education. Her dissertation focuses on the preservation policies and practices of Beijing’s historic neighborhoods. Prior to coming to Texas A&M, she earned a Master of Arts in History of Art and Architecture from Boston University, and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from The University of Iowa. Born and raised in a Manchurian family in Beijing, China, Mingqian came to the United States for her college education. While travelling a lot between these two countries, Mingqian is proud to experience both American and Chinese culture at the same time. She participates in many on-campus organizations and community events, and her goal is to help the international student body to be better integrated into the American education environment.

Sreyashree Bose

Sreyashree-Bose.jpgSreyashree (“Sreya”) is a fourth-year doctoral candidate at the Dept of Biophysics and Biochemistry and her doctoral studies involve works with long noncoding RNA involved in protecting DNA from unwanted damage. She has been a part of and is actively involved with organizations like the Indian Graduate Student Association (IGSA), Biochemistry Graduate Association (BGA) and Women In Science and Engineering (WISE). Along with being a passionate researcher, she is a trained singer and also takes interest in learning Indian classical dance form. She is a regular blogger and in her blog, she tries to write about whatever she is thankful for in life. She loves trying out new varieties of food and you will also find her binge watching American sitcoms.

Steven Metzmaker

Steve.JPGSteven Metzmaker is a first-year Masters student in student affairs administration in higher education (SAAHE) from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and minors in urban studies and criminal justice. Following graduation, he spent two summers working in Housing at Columbia University in the City of New York as well as a year and half working abroad in Student Life at Loyola University Chicago’s John Felice Rome Center in Rome, Italy.  While living in Italy, he learned the importance of exposing oneself to other cultures, interact with others from diverse backgrounds, and grow accustom to a different way of life. In his free time, he enjoys to bake, cook, read the national newspapers, run, and take in as many Aggie sporting events as possible. In the future he would like to continue to travel and explore major cities of the world by running through them. He aspires to be a university president of major university someday.

Former Ambassadors

Adam Orendain

Adam_Orendain.jpgAdam Orendain is doctoral student in Biomedical Engineering researching embolic devices that treat vascular diseases. He is involved in several organizations around campus, such as Aggies in Science Technology and Policy (ASTEP) and Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP). Adam enjoys fitness, cooking, travelling, and do-it-yourself (DIY) tech projects. Adam will cover topics ranging from campus involvement, student resources, and health-related tech (especially if it involves Texas A&M).

Kelsey Fieseler

Kelsey_Fieseler.jpgKelsey Fieseler is a first-year Master’s student in Mechanical Engineering from Sugar Land, Texas. After receiving her Bachelor degree from Texas A&M University in Mechanical Engineering, she now works in the Advanced Engine Research Laboratory to study internal combustion engines. Her thesis focuses on mitigating the effects of fuel variation in large-bore, natural gas engines to increase engine performance and decrease emissions. She can type over 100 words per minute, is vegetarian, and is currently training for a half marathon. In her free time, she enjoys reading fiction and non-fiction books, watching movies, and making dad jokes.

Kristen Hicks

Kristen_Hicks.jpgKristen Hicks is a fourth year doctoral candidate studying Nutrition. Her research focus aims at educating physicians on various aspects of nutrition while providing them with tools to discuss and educate their patients about nutrition. Her vehicle for education, online continuing education courses, she is bridging the gap in technology and education for her target audience. She is also a practicing Registered Dietitian in the BCS area with her focus on weight management and type 2 diabetes. On top of her scholarly work, Kristen is very active at A&M, she is the Founder and President of Aggie Graduate and Professional Community Club, a networking organization aimed at "Building the Graduate Aggie Family". Contact her if you have any questions about her posts!

Leigh E. Szucs

Leigh-Szucs.jpgLeigh is a PhD candidate in the Department of Health & Kinesiology, pursuing a doctoral degree in Health Education. Her unique research agenda examines the effectiveness of teen pregnancy prevention program (TPP) implementation practices among adolescent curriculum-based intervention models. Leigh applies a systems-approach to her methodologies and inquiries about how to enhance TPP program delivery and fidelity to improve program outcomes and results. Her teaching experiences span diverse content areas with the field of public health and education, and she has extensive experience working with pre-service school and community health professionals. Her passion for service is exemplified with leadership positions with the Academy for Future Faculty, TAMU Graduate and Professional Student Council, and the Department of Health & Kinesiology Graduate Student Association. Leigh loves working with graduate students and mentoring peers with academic and non-academic issues. When she’s not working on the Big D a.k.a ‘the dissertation’ she is an exercise and shopping enthusiastic! Leigh also loves to travel and seeing with new places while meeting interesting people!

Mara Schaffler

Mara_Schaffler.JPGMy name is Mara Schaffler and I am originally from Mexico. I am currently in my second year in the Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education (SAAHE) program within the College of Education and Human Development and I am expecting to graduate May 2017.  I previously attended Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with a minor in English-Spanish Translation. When I am not busy with school or work, I like to put a lot of attention to myself through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude. In addition, I love to dance, work out, spend time in the kitchen and try new and fun recipes. I can watch the food network for 8 hours straight (I am not kidding). I am also a make-up, fashion, shoe, and plant enthusiast (and that is where most of my money goes to). Hope you enjoy my different perspectives and experiences about life and graduate school I will share in this blog!

Matthew Pfeifer

Matt_Pfeifer.jpgHowdy!  My name is Matt Pfeifer and I am pursuing a Master of Science in agricultural leadership, education, and communications with a focus in human resource development. This is the third degree I hope to add to my resume, as I also hold an Associate of Applied Science from Victoria College and a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University-Kingsville. The motivating force for me to start graduate studies is so I will be better prepared to serve young people employed in the agriculture industry. I hope that by furthering my understanding of leadership and workforce training I can improve the lives of people in rural America. After graduation, I would like to work in young producer development for a conservation or livestock breed organization.

Teja Gambhir

Teja-(1).jpgTeja Gambhir is pursuing a M. Eng. in Industrial Engineering after completing a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from California. Her professional interests are in Lean Design, Robust Engineering, and Production Systems. Learning is her passion (and now it's become a bad habit). When not honing her profession, she likes to read, write, code, cook, and do yoga.