All Sports Created Equal

    Posted on Monday, Apr 24, 2017
    Often you’d hear that sports life at Texas A&M University is all about American football, which it is a wonderful sport and fun event to attend. However, there are many other sports that shouldn’t be passed by!

    There are many division one sports such as volleyball, baseball, basketball, track, soccer etc. However, there are also many club sports teams that are unique and fun to attend as well. Some of the clubs include rugby, hockey, ultimate Frisbee, taekwondo, judo, lacrosse and powerlifting etc. It is a perfect time while you’re in college to attend one of these sports, often FREE of charge.

    These events can be found at many of the athletic complexes all around campus, although mostly concentrated on West campus. Even better, if you have a sports pass then you get into all sports free (besides Football). If you don’t have a sports pass, don’t fret, tickets range from $5-$15 and you can often get them at the door.

    TAMU-sports-2.pngOne of my personal favorite sports to attend is the Texas A&M Baseball games. In 2016, they gave out these Aggie Empire koozies for the May 4th game (May the 4th be with you). There are often many giveaways at the non-football games.

    So I challenge you to think beyond Kyle Field and look into other sports, both division one and club sports.
    To find more information on calendars and what unique events you can attend, check it out here:

    Division 1 Athletics:
    Club Sports:

    Thanks and Gig’em,

    Kristen Hicks MS, RD, LD, PhD Candidate | Nutrition and Food Science

    Kristen Hicks is a PhD Candidate and Registered Dietitian in BCS who aspires to improve the health of all Americans.

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