Things to do on a Weekend that do not involve North Gate

    Posted on Thursday, Feb 02, 2017
    As graduate students, we have mixed feelings as to what to do in the area given that we live in a college town and many things are geared towards the younger audiences. While my friends and I enjoy going out from time to time and catching the North Gate scene, many of us work with undergraduate students in some capacity (Graduate Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Hall Director, Tutor, etc.) and can make the scene uncomfortable for some.
    Lately, my friends and I have gotten into different ways to get involved, explore, and have fun in the community. One of the things that have gotten me out of my comfort zone is attending the AGPCC socials to connect with other graduates since I am not much about socializing out of my group. This has helped a lot and I feel like there is so much we can learn from each other this is highly encouraged on my list of things to do in the area (plus it’s a great opportunity to talk to others about what I do since it is not a common or well-known field of study).
    Go Skating! College Station is close to many different places and shout out to my friends Lauren and Hailey who took us rollerblading in Brenham. It was a great workout, a good family friendly environment, fun as we fell several times, and exciting to be somewhere new. It felt like we were kids again and it was amazing. Plus, this was a great opportunity to wear sequins and glitter and not feel judged.
    Next thing on our list: Ice Skating in College Station and going to one of the hockey games.
    Lazy Saturday? Go to Bryan! Every Saturday there is a farmer’s market that allows us to support the local community and buy goods that are locally grown and made (plus who doesn’t love real food and handmade things AND I found the best candle I have ever smelled in my life). From there you can walk to different stores, coffee shops, brunch venues, breweries, and other spots that are not the typical to attend. I can only tell you how many great conversations and good times I had that Saturday exploring Bryan during the day. It is my second weekend going and I can only tell you of how nice it felt to have genuine conversations about life and my future with people who also want to change the world just as I do. PSA: First Friday is coming up!
    Take a day trip! We are extremely lucky to live so close to major cities and attractions in Texas. Whether you like to travel alone, or fill up a car with friends, going to places nearby is such a good opportunity to go away, reconvene, and then come back full-force to College Station. Maybe if a day trip is not doable, check out what MSC OPAS, The City of Bryan, or on campus student organizations are hosting that month.
    Finally, consider the other 1,000 places in the twin cities that are not Northgate. Truly, I love discovering new places. There are plenty of ways to have fun around and many ways we can support this community. The amazing people who are part of my life and myself like to discover new trails, go to the movies since they are so cheap, talk to new people, and truly immerse in the community we are a part of. Aggieland is definitely a college town, but there are so so many other things to do that have made me happy to be here.

    Mara Schaffler | Educational Administration and Human Resources Development

    Mara Schaffler is a second year in the Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education (SAAHE) program within the College of Education and Human Development.

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