In Times of the Storms

    Posted on Monday, Jul 03, 2017
    Today is a rainy day–this is usually not a problem for me, I grew up in a tropical island in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, while I contemplated the rainfall of a country that I have never been, I ruminate on all raindrops that I saw fall while I was growing-up. I have fond memories of running in the streets of my house during a tropical storm (it wasn’t that bad, believe me). Those were days where I felt that nothing could stop me, that life was just a game that I had control of. I didn’t consider the consequences of many things; I did what “all the kids were doing”. Now, as a grad-student, everything seems to be in control of the storm. Deadlines, reactions, papers are now what dominate what decision is meant to be taken, what to do with my time, where to spend my days. It feels like I’m a single leaf roving through time with the storm blowing in every direction.
    For this, I have considered a number of ways to become solid and be able to persist. My second blog-post for the following 5 months will be discussing methods to become a tree and remain solid in the ground. Let’s alleviate our grad-lives and even while working, remain sane.

    Luis R. De Jesús Báez | Chemistry

    Luis R. De Jesús Báez is a fifth year Ph.D. candidate in the department of chemistry. He likes to write about the small things; those that are important but sometimes we forget due to our busy life. Let’s converse!

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