What is Love… of Time?

    Posted on Friday, Sep 29, 2017
    Time managing. With a myriad of resources, e.g. books, seminars, talks, and classes, of the steps that can be taken to be able to effectively manage time, why do we struggle so much with it?
    The problem? The same theories and techniques that have been developed in college to manage time do no translate directly to the freedom that we have in graduate school. Think about it: when you are in undergraduate time, you have everything scheduled for you, so to speak. You fill your time with all the classes, and free time is reserved for the preparation of exams. Indeed, in graduate school, there is a similarity in your first couple of years, as it is mostly scheduled. Unfortunately, as you become a senior it seems more difficult to “find time”. Time seeps between the cracks while you hang out with your friends and with the start of a new series (like 30 Rock for me). Furthermore, after finishing classes and preliminary examination, there are no real consequences (beside the getting a “real” job until later) if you decide to not do an experiment today, or let the analysis of data for tomorrow, or to go out with some friends until the break of dawn.
     My recommendation: don’t worry about it. I would guess that you could spend more time organizing your life, rather than doing the job. Focus on getting quality work done, rather than quantity of work. Believe me when I say that some time will be wasted; we are not perfect. Think about the reactions, the procedures, and the objectives and make it work. The importance of graduate school in everyone’s life reside on learning what are your weaknesses and what makes you sturdy; modulate the deficiencies and renovate your strong points. Take time for you to be renovated; meditate in your objectives of the day; and be determined to make the best of your day. Watch the series, go out with your friends, however, when it is time to work, it is time to work. Time is managed when you are clear of what needs to be done and you are not afraid of doing it. Be forceful; take time by the horns and saw them off.

    Luis R. De Jesús Báez | Chemistry

    Luis R. De Jesús Báez is a fifth year Ph.D. candidate in the department of chemistry. He likes to write about the small things; those that are important but sometimes we forget due to our busy life. Let’s converse!

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