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  • Happiness and the (Un)importance of Decision-Making

    I watched a TED Talk last week called “The Surprising Science of Happiness” by Dan Gi...
  • Make Time for Things you Enjoy

    With the busy schedule of a graduate student, it can be difficult to make time for relaxation and...
  • 10 Theft Prevention Tips for the College Student

    Not everyone abides by the Aggie Honor Code. There are people in the world who make a living by s...
  • You Have a Choice

    Every moment of every single day presents a series of options. What time to wake up, what route t...
  • My 2016 in a Nutshell

    For me, 2016 began uneventfully. I opted out of going out and ringing in the New Year with the ma...
  • Are You a One Decimal Point or a Nine Decimal Point Person?

    Do you often look at the big picture or do you enjoy delving into the finer details of a problem?...
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