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  • Flying Solo

    Moving to a new place can be difficult, it can present many challenges. One of those challenges i...
  • Sometimes You just need to Drive and get outta College Station!

    For the past 6 years of my life I have never had to put my foot on the gas, turn the ignition, or...
  • Why I dip my Layne’s Chicken Fingers in plain KETCHUP!

    Since moving to College Station, Texas I have been fascinated by the amount chicken finger establ...
  • Running On-Campus

    Have you ever felt like going for a run on campus? Well luckily I am one of the few graduate stud...
  • The Hidden Gem On-Campus - Rosenthal Meat Center at Texas A&M University

    When I moved from Minnesota to Texas A&M in August of 2016 it was just my second time visitin...

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