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You must obtain all required signatures on any form that you submit to OGAPS. If one of the required signers is unavailable, each program has additional faculty members who are authorized signers for that program. Please check with that program's graduate office to determine who may sign. Additionally, OGAPS will accept scanned copies of signatures for most documents. At a minimum, if the form has a place for the Department Head or Interdisciplinary Program Chair to sign, that signature must be original. If your form does not require this signature, then the committee chair's signature must be original.

Student Forms and Information

OGAPS upgraded the Online Document Processing Submission System in February 2014, enabling all students to file petitions (e.g., course, committee, major, degree, and/or department changes; or, waivers and exceptions) electronically through DPSS. Students who experience problems using the system may contact for assistance.


Faculty & Staff Forms and Information

Faculty & Staff Forms

  • Joint Master’s Degree – PDF Word

To download the following course forms and instructions, please reference the Resource Guide on the Curricular Services website:

  • New Course
  • Galveston New Course
  • Change in Course
  • Galveston Change in Course
  • New Certificate Program
  • Other Program / Administrative Forms
  • Examples of Completed Course Forms

Faculty & Staff Information