Faculty Partner Application Process

Faculty Partner Application Process for the Pathways to the Doctorate Fellowship Program (revised January 2018)

The cover page must include:

  1. a descriptive title of the research area addressed by the individual faculty member or faculty team (not to exceed 80 characters in length);
  2. a 100 word maximum abstract describing the research area;
  3. identification of the submission as a TAMU faculty team, individual TAMU faculty, or Continuing Faculty Team proposal;
  4. a description as to how the submission relates to the AGEP program (if relevant);
  5. an individual faculty member or list of all members of the faculty team, their department(s) and university affiliation(s), together with their email address(es) and phone number(s);
  6. identification of one faculty member as the team leader;
  7. and, signatures from every member of the team and from their associated Department Heads or IDP Chairs.

The body of the proposal should be not exceed 4 pages in length (12-pt font) and should cover the five following areas:

  1. Quality of the proposed research experience.
  2. Quality of the proposed mentoring, including a plan for regular interaction with student.
  3. A description of the financial support (by type, amount, and source) offered to the fellow for years 2 through 4.
  4. A plan for recruiting students with bachelor’s degrees from TAMUS institutions (students already at Texas A&M University- College Station are not eligible), and a description of past successes by the individual or team of faculty members in recruiting undergraduate students from TAMUS institutions.
  5. Evidence of scholarly productive relationships (existing or prior) with faculty from TAMU system institutions.