Request to Work Additional Hours

Please note: This process has been updated to coincide with the implementation of Workday in December 2017. Updated: March 2020

  1. Students that hold positions of Graduate Assistant Teaching (GAT), Graduate Assistant Non-Teaching (GANT), Graduate Assistant Research (GAR), and Graduate Assistant Lecturer (GAL) are normally required to work 20 hours per week (50%). *
  2. Maximum Additional Hours During Fall, Spring, and Summer when Classes are in Session: Students employed in GAT, GANT, GAR, and GAL positions are not allowed to work beyond 50% effort without the approval of the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (OGAPS). This also applies to processing one-time payments for graduate assistants. Visit the graduate assistant registration requirements page for additional requirements regarding minimum enrolled hours.
  3. Maximum Additional Hours During Break Periods and Classes are Not in Session (Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Break):   
    1. Domestic: Domestic students may work 40 hours (full-time) in all combined jobs.
    2. International: International students may work 40 hours (full-time) in all combined jobs.
  4. Maximum Additional Hours During Summer and Classes are Not in Session:
  5. Submitting a Request to Work Additional Hours: Additional jobs can only be submitted for the current semester for registration verification purposes.
    • A completed Request for a Graduate Assistant to Work Additional Hours form must be attached to the Workday payroll action requesting an increase in % effort or “Start Additonal Job” function for a graduate assistant. 
    • The College of Engineering, AgriLife and Galveston Campus will submit the completed Request for a Graduate Assistant to Work Additional Hours form (link requires use of campus internet or TAMU VPN when off campus) and the following additional information: 1) a screenshot of student’s Workday Summary tab and 2) a screenshot of the All Jobs-TAMUS tab (under the Workday overview tab) for all current positions. This information is required for verification purposes and the Grad Partner cannot view this information in WorkDay.  Contact PITO at for technical troubleshooting.
  6. One-time Payments: One-time payments are considered additional work. A one-time payment for extra work outside of the scope of an employee’s primary graduate assistant duties (not recurring) is processed in Workday using the Request One-Time Payment business process. Employers must check with OGAPS before processing to confirm a one-time payment is appropriate. If approved, the employer will send a completed Request for a Graduate Assistant to Work Additional Hours form to OGAPS for approval stamp and attach it to the Workday process. *More information regarding compensation for graduate assistants will be published in the coming months. *

*For additional information regarding graduate assistant title codes, please refer to the Graduate Assistant Position Requirements/Benefits table.
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