Request to Work Additional Hours

Please note: This process has been updated to coincide with the implementation of Workday in December 2017.

1. Students that hold positions of Graduate Assistant Teaching (GAT), Graduate Assistant Non-Teaching (GANT) and Graduate Assistant Research (GAR) are normally required to work 20 hours per week (50%).

2. These positions are not allowed to work beyond 50% efforts without the approval of the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies.

3. International students are not allowed to work beyond whatever percent of effort their assistantship is for the fall and spring semesters, in accordance with immigration rules.

4. International students are allowed to work extra hours during the summer or breaks in the semester (such as Spring Break, Thanksgiving week and Winter Break).

5. Domestic students are allowed to work no more than 9 hours per week beyond the assistantship anytime during the semesters provided they are correctly registered and the department giving the assistantship approves the extra hours.

6. A completed form must be attached to the Workday payroll action requesting an increase in % effort or “Add Additional Job” function for a graduate assistant.