2014 Texas A&M University 3 Minute Thesis Competition Finalists

Master's Competition Finalists

Winner - Alexandria Igwe


    Department: Ecosystem Science and Management
    Advisor: Dr. Paul Schwab
    3MT Title: Who Does it Better?

Runner Up & People's Choice - Akshata Kulkarni

Department: Horticultural Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Charlie Hall
3MT Title: Green Industry: A necessity in life and not a luxury

Pavithra Aravindan


Department: Visualization
Advisor: Dr. Jinsil Sed Hwaryoung
3MT Title: How to Connect with Autistic Children

Doctoral Competition Finalists

Winner - Brittany Bounds

Department: History
Advisor: Dr. Terry Anderson
3MT Title: The Write Response

Runner Up - Ashley Mattison

Department: Biochemistry and Biophysics
Advisor: Dr. John Mullet
3MT Title: Increasing Grain Yield of Sorghum Bicolor

People's Choice - Muwei Zhang

Department: Chemistry
Advisor: Dr. Hong-Cai Zhou
3MT Title: Rational Design of Porous Materials for Clean-Energy Applications

Scott Mattison

Department: Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Brian Applegate
3MT Title: Photo-acoustic Imaging of Biological Processes

Catherine Pfent

Department: VTPB
Advisor: Dr. Weston Porter and Dr. Heather Wilson-Robles
3MT Title: Using Dogs to Hunt Down New Cancer Treatments



Students who Competed in the Preliminary Competition

Master's Participants

Chavez, Daniel
Agriculture Economics
Advisor: Dr. Marco Palma

Sanders, Charles
Veterinary Integrative Biosciences
Advisor: Dr. Vijayanagaram Venkatraj

Tompkins, James
Nuclear Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Ryan McClarren

Hootsman, James
Advisor: Dr. John R. Chardias

Saxena, Nishaant
Construction Science
Advisor: Dr. Sarel Lavy

Ye, Jia
Health & Kinesiology
Advisor: Dr. Lei-Shih Chen

Manocha, Rahul
Electrical & Computer Eng Education Program/Easa
Advisor: Dr. Gwan Choi

Doctoral Participants

Agboola, Babatunde
Aerospace Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Dimitris C. Lagoudas

Harwell , Haley
Advisor: Dr. Catherine Eckel

Mccown, Christine
Advisor: Dr. Jane Sell

Baker, Ryan
Biochemistry & Biophysics
Advisor: Dr. Vlad Panin

Hsiao, Hao-Ching
Biochemistry & Biophysics Molecular and Cellular Medicine
Advisor: Dr. Sarah E. Bondos

Mohammadrajabi, Mehdi
Civil Engineering Geotechnical & Environmental Program
Advisor: Dr. Charles Aubeny

Bustillos, Brenda
Health Promotion & Community Health Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Joseph R. Sharkey

Jayarathna, Ukwatta (Sampath)
Computer Science & Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Frank Shipman

Muddamallappa, Mallikarjunaiah
Advisor: Dr. Jay R. Walton

Gillenwater, Stacy
Poultry Science
Advisor: Dr. Luc Berghman, Dr. Dewey Kraemet

Knight, Jason
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Ed Dougherty

Murphy, Chantrey
Advisor: Dr. Jane Sell

Gopalaswami, Nirupama
Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Sam Mannan

Kongari, Ramchander Rohit
Biochemistry & Biophysics
Advisor: Dr. Ry Young

Navabzadehesmaeili, Reyhaneh
Civil Engineering
Advisor: Dr. John Niedzwecki

Gunasekaran, Senthil
Advisor: Dr. Jorge Leon

Liu, Tianxin      
Advisor: Dr. Paul Hardin

Sohrabi Mollayousef, Amir
Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Anastasia Muliana

Hao, Haiping
Teaching, Learning & Culture (Tlac)
Advisor: Dr. Patrica Larke

Maiti, Shreya    
Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Arul Jayaraman

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