2015-2016 Texas A&M University 3 Minute Thesis Competition Finalists

Congratulations to the finalists selected for the 2015-2016 TAMU 3 Minute Thesis Competition! 

Master's Competition Finalists

Kaytan Kelkar


Department: Geology & Geophysics
Advisor: Dr. John Giardino
3MT Title: Geodetective: Connecting the Dots to Map Landslides

Kelly McNamara

Department: Sociology
Advisor: Dr. Theresa Morris
3MT Title: Failing to Protect: A Historical Analysis of the Employment Non Discrimination Act

Michael Young


Department: Aerospace Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Raktim Bhattacharya
3MT Title: Robotic Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Device for Trismus Patients

Doctoral Competition Finalists

Sayyeda Marziya Hasan


Department: Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Duncan J. Maitland
3MT Title: Self-Expanding Foams for Brain Aneurysm Treatment

Matthew Josefy

Department: Management
Advisor: Dr. Michael Hitt
3MT Title: To Conform or Not to Conform: Board Responses to the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009

Maria Reimi


Department: Geology & Geophysics
Advisor: Dr. Franco Marcantonio
3MT Title: Climate Forensics: How to Use Dust to Reconstruct Ancient Climate

Anthony Sperber

Department: Biochemistry & Biophysics
Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Herman & Dr. Ryland Young
3MT Title: Identification and Characterization of Proteins Affecting Cell Wall Synthesis

Jacqueline Turner


Department: Educational Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Joyce Juntune & Dr. Ernest Goetz
3MT Title: The Other Side of the Covers: Factors that influenced the academic success of graduate students raised in poverty. 

Students who Competed in the Preliminary Competition

Master's Participants

Bhatia, Deepak
Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Partha Mukherjee

Henning, William
Atmospheric Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Xivien Zhang

Kyanam, Ammani Naidu
Soil & Crop Sciences
Advisor: Dr. David Stelly

Liang, Shuyin (Sharon)
Horticultural Sciences
Advisor: Dr. David Byrne

Min-Venditti, Amelia
Ecosystems Science Management
Advisor: Dr. Georgianne Moore & Dr. Forrest Fleischman

Nathan, Adam
Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Duncan Maitland

Doctoral Participants

Ahmed, Lubna
Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Sam Mannan

Baker, Ryan Andrew
Biochemistry Biophysics
Advisor: Dr. Vlad Panin

Bakshi, Mariam
Veterinary Pathobiology
Advisor: Dr. Mulenga

Castillo Gonzalez, Claudia
Biochemistry & Biophysics
Advisor: Dr. Xivien Zhang

Curtis-Robles, Rachel
Vet Integrative Biosciences
Advisor: Dr. Sarah Hamer

Durkee, Madeleine
Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Kristen Maitland

Forgacs, David
Biochemistry & Biophysics
Advisor: Dr. James Deer

Kohli, Nandita
Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Arul Jayaraman

Kongari, Ramchander
Biochemistry & Biophysics
Advisor: Dr. Ryland Young

Panyaram, Venkat Krishna Krikanth
Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Wilhite


Porter, Lindsey
Veterinary Pathobiology
Advisor: Dr. Mulenga


Silbernagel, Rita
Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Abraham Clearfield & Dr. Janet Bluene

Venkat, Priyadharshini
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Aniruddha Datta

Wang, Xuan
Health & Kinesiology
Advisor: Dr. Hong-Cai Zhou

Wernette, Phillipe
Advisor: Dr. Chris Houser

Woller, Derek
Advisor: Dr. Hojun Song


Yopp, Ashley
Agriculture Leadership Education & Communication
Advisor: Dr. Billy McKim & Dr. Yvonna Lincoln