2018-2019 Texas A&M University 3 Minute Thesis Competition

Texas A&M University’s 3MT finals will be held at the Rudder Forum and Exhibit Hall on November 15th 6:00-8:30pm. This is a research communication competition that was developed by The University of Queensland (UQ), which has spread to Europe and the U. S. over the last 6 years. Graduate students have three minutes and one slide to present a compelling oration on their thesis/dissertation research and its significance. 

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The finalists will be from various graduate programs across campus and will compete for a chance to win a prize of up to $1500 and represent Texas A&M at the regional competition in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Our final’s judge panel will include Distinguished Professors, Graduate and Professional Student Council, and local community leaders. Come out and support excellence in graduate education at Texas A&M University.

Master's Competition Finalists

Kathryn Edmunds


Department: Agriculture Leadership, Education & Communication
3MT Title: Drive to Thrive

Gwendolyn Inocencio

Department: Veterinary Integrated Biology
3MT Title:  It's Not Insanity - It's Science!

Vaishnavi Venkatesh


Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
3MT Title: Automating Routing For Analog Circuits

Doctoral Competition Finalists

Ahmed Aziz Ezzat


Department: Industrial & Systems Engineering
3MT Title: Wind Energy: A New Solution To A 5000 Year Old Problem

Cecilia Klauber


Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
3MT Title: Improving Power Grid Awareness during Solar Storms

Maryam Mansoori

Department: Architecture
3MT Title: Toward Adaptive Architecture

Amanda Mathias


Department: Animal Science
3MT Title: Safety in Numbers: Social Isolation Increases Behavioral Responses of Cattle during Startle Tests

Jordyn Michalik

Department: Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunology
3MT Title: Treating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria with Bacteriophage: Harnessing a Natural Predator 

Aditya Panta


Department: Neuroscience
3MT Title: Reward Circuit in Your Brain

Joana Rocha


Department: Large Animal Clinical Sciences
3MT Title: A Broad Spectrum Vaccine to Benefit World Health

Amirali Selahi


Department: Biomedical Engineering
3MT Title: The Future of Drug Testing

Amy Tan


Department: Biology
3MT Title: Can You Hear Me Now?: Development and Regrowth of Cells for Hearing

Jiayong Zhu


Department: Chemical Engineering
3MT Title: Advanced Heavy Gas Dispersion Model

Students who Competed in the Preliminary Competition

Master's Participants

Kelly Dray - PBSI Diana Marcela Gomez Gomez - PETE
Tokunbo Falohun - BMEN Patrick Walgren - AERO
Xiaoqing Shen - SCSC  

Doctoral Participants

Na Young Ahn - HLKN Vucki Mikuria - TALC
Ogbonnaya Bassey - ECEN Adriana Hernandez Morales - BCBP
Ankita Bhat - BMEN Michaela Pfau - BMEN
Yifeng Cheng - CLMD Quinton Porter - MEEN
Blake Commer - PLPM Suraj Prakash - ECEN
Ananya Dasgupta - BIOL Kambiz Rasoulkhani - CVEN
Ping Dong - BMEN Lauren Redmore - RPTS
Dinara Dussenova - PETE Carolina Mantilla Rojas - BCBP
Iqra Ejaz - ISEN Piruz Saboury - ECON
Sahar Eshghjoo - POSC Cassandra Skenandore - VTPP
Amit K. Ghoshal - RPTS Sahinya Susindar - ISEN
Shannon Hodges - ANTH Qi Wang - CHEM
Jocelyn Holt - ENTO Diana Wandix-White - TLAC
Haifeng Jin - CSCE Shavonn Reezale Whiten - ENTO
Haemin Kim - TLAC Bin Wu - MEEN
Krishna Kumar - BIOL Aya Yoshikawa - HPCH
Shreedevi Arun Kumar - BMEN Brian Young - CHEM
Pedro Batista Camara Leal - AERO Fei Yu - VIBS
Jianping Li - CHEN Rana Soltani Zarrin - MEEN
Yun Li - EPSY Amin Zeiaee - MEEN
Layal Maddah - CVEN Yupeng Zhang - MEEN