This award is funded by the provost office in support of the Aggies Commit initiative. Grants up to $2,000 will be awarded to graduate student organizations presenting the most innovative, high-impact experiences or activities. Organizations are eligible to receive this grant a maximum of two times per project. Applications for the 2018-2019 Academic Year will be accepted until November 14, 2018. Please submit all applications to

Purpose: To encourage development of new or enhancement of existing activities/events/ awards sponsored by TAMU graduate student organizations (GSOs) that provide high-impact learning or professional development opportunities for graduate student participants. “Aggies Commit” is a institution-wide effort that supports high-impact practices in learning and professional development. By definition, these experiences are effortful, help students build relationships with faculty and peers, provide rich and frequent feedback, help students apply what they are learning, and provide opportunities for students to reflect on the professional they are becoming.

Eligibility: Must be an officially recognized TAMU GSO as of the beginning of Fall Semester 2018; this GSO can be at the department, college, or university-level. GSOs are eligible to receive this grant a maximum of two times per project/program.

Award Criteria:

  1. Quality of activity: The proposed activity/event must provide high-impact learning or development activities for participants; some examples are listed below, but this is not an all-inclusive list.
  2. Number of students served: The proposed activity/event must benefit more than a few (e.g., >3) students; if a quality experience can be delivered to more students, this will increase competitiveness of application.
  3. Feasibility of the project:
    a. Financially: If it requires more funding than provided by this award, how will the organization recruit other support or provide from its existing budget?
    b. Operationally: What experience does your GSO have in providing this type of activity/event? Alternatively, cite relevant experience of Executive Committee members/officers that would contribute to delivering this type of activity.
    c. Time-line: Can the event be completed by August 1, 2019? All receipts must be turned in by August 30, 2019. [No reimbursements will be possible after this date.]
  4. NOTE: All other factors being equal,  applications providing quality high impact experiences at a lower cost will have a competitive advantage.

Application and award process:

  1. Application forms must be completed and signed by the organization’s president and submitted online by November 14, 2018.
  2. Reviews will be completed by a committee composed of OGAPS personnel and GPSC Executive Committee members.
  3. Awards will be administered financially by the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies.
  4. A short report confirming progress on the GSO event/activity sponsored by this award will be due to OGAPS by August 1, 2019; a final report will be due September 1, 2019.


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