CLOSE the gap program

A NSF Funded Project offered in Collaboration with Texas A&M's Office of Graduate and Professional Studies and Career Center. 

What is "Close the Gap" CTGP?

The National Association of Colleges and Employers has identified 7 competencies that are required in order to make a successful transition from graduate level education to the workforce and allow them to better prepare for "what comes next."

CTGP Goals

Our goal is to implement a program designed to "close the gap" between the discipline-specific training and the wider set of transferable skills needed by STEM doctoral students' future employers (Academic or Industry). Our program also targets NSF Graduate Research Fellows and Honorable Mentions and other high achieving STEM doctoral students.

What Do I Do Now?

Starting January 2017, please complete the following: 

  1. Assessment Survey (before Boot Camp)
  2. IDP Link
  3. Program Checklist/Planner (receive at Boot Camp)
  4. Business Cards (receive at Boot Camp)
  5. Industry Preferences (receive at Boot Camp)
  6. Media Release Form (download pdf and please bring to Boot Camp)

Below are materials that contain detailed information about the program:
Close the Gap Presentation 
Planner Mock Up

Submit your Reimbursement Form no later than 30 days after your Capstone Activity. To receive reimbursement you must submit all documents: reimbursement form, award letter, itemized receipts and two page reflection, in one pdf to:

For questions, contact: 

Amanda Ray
Professional Development Coordinator
Office of Graduate and Professional Studies

Dr. Leonard Bright
Assistant Provost
Office of Graduate and Professional Studies

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