Emergency One-Semester Deferral of ELP Certification

On rare occasions, a department may need to hire an international graduate student as a Graduate Assistant – Teaching (GAT) who has not achieved English Proficiency Certification based on standardized test scores, ELPE or Alternative Certification. In such a case, a department may request a one-time, one-semester emergency deferral.   

The deferral request should come to the Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies through the Graduate Operations Committee (GOC) Dean via a memo from the Department Head. The level of justification must be very high for approval of an emergency deferral. The following are examples of justifiable conditions:

  • The department had not anticipated hiring this student as a GAT for this semester.
  • The student meets the requirements for verification
  • The student will not have an opportunity to take the ELPE because it is not being offered again before the start of classes.
  • The department has no other graduate students with the expertise/knowledge needed to TA the course.

If the emergency deferral is granted for this case, the student is conditionally eligible for teaching assignments for one semester only, but must simultaneously participate in Center for Teaching Excellence English Language Proficiency (CTE-ELP) instruction and achieve a certifying score on the ELPE Oral by the end of the semester. If the student does not meet certification requirements by the end of the deferred semester, the student is ineligible for rehire until certification requirements are met. The department must also assign a faculty member to conduct periodic reviews, including observations of student teaching performance during the first month of the semester, with appropriate actions if they deem the student’s performance as unacceptable.