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Academic Program Review

The Texas Administrative Code requires that all public doctoral progams and standalone master's programs undergo external review on a 7-year cycle. The Academic Program Review (APR) process at Texas A&M, coordinated in the office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, is an integral component of institutional effectiveness, defined as "ongoing, integrated and institution-wide research-based planning and evaluation" that involves systematic review and results in continuing improvement. Click here to view more information about the Academic Program Review.

Graduate Committee Faculty

Click here to view Graduate Committee Faculty Nomination information.


Graduate Operations Committee (GOC)

The Graduate Operations Committee serves as an advisory body to the Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies.  It focuses primarily on operations and procedures regarding administration of graduate education throughout the University. Click here to view more information about the GOC.

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is composed of representatives from the graduate faculty at Texas A&M. The Council develops and maintains policies and procedures pertaining to graduate programs at the university. The Council’s function includes long-range planning, recommendation of new programs and courses, evaluation of existing programs and courses and facilitation of university accreditation. Click here to view Graduate Council materials.

International Student Resources

International Student Services (ISS)

Click here to view the ISS website and learn more about immigration regulations, funding opportunities and other helpful information.

English Language Proficiency (ELP) Portal

Click here to view English Language Proficiency requirements, information and forms in the ELP Portal.

New TA Training & Evaluation Program (TATEP)

The program aims to improve undergraduate teaching, enhance the classroom experiences of Graduate Teaching Assistants (TA) and to respond to a need for more systematic preparation and evaluation of Teaching Assistants. Click here to view more information about TATEP.

Prospective Student Grants

Prospective Student Travel Grant

Departments and interdisciplinary programs may request a grant from the Office of Graduate & Professional Studies to assist with outstanding prospective graduate student campus visits. This grant's purpose is helping departments recruit prospective students interested in graduate studies at Texas A&M by funding a portion of the students’ travel expenses. Maximum grant is $500 per student. Click here to view more information about the Prospective Student Travel Grant.

Review Student Degree Plans and Petitions

Each graduate student must submit an official degree plan to the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (OGAPS) for approval. The degree plan formally declares the student’s degree objective, the membership of the student’s advisory committee and the specific courses that the student will be required to complete as part of his/her degree program. 

The student should develop the proposed degree plan in consultation with his/her advisory committee. The proposed degree plan should then be submitted for review and approval through the online Document Processing Submission System (DPSS).

Once submitted, the degree plan must be electronically approved through DPSS by a pre-committee staff approver (if applicable), the committee chair and co-chair (if applicable), each member of the advisory committee, and the department head or an intercollegiate faculty chairperson (if applicable). At any point in the approval process, the degree plan may be returned to the student for additional changes. Once edited and resubmitted by the student, the electronic decision routing will begin again with the pre-committee staff approver (if applicable), followed by the committee chair and co-chair (if applicable), and so forth. Following departmental approval, the degree plan will be routed to OGAPS for processing. 

For specific rules and limitations on course work and committee membership, see the Texas A&M Graduate Catalog.

To review and make a decision on a student-submitted degree plan, log into the OGAPS Document Processing Submission System (DPSS).


Completed degree plans must be submitted to OGAPS according the following guidelines:

  • Prior to the deadline imposed by the student's college or interdisciplinary degree program;

  • No later than 90 days prior to the date of the final oral examination or thesis defense for master's students, or 90 days prior to the date of the preliminary examination for doctoral students;

  • According to deadlines published in the OGAPS calendar and dates and deadlines documents each semester for that semester.


Once a degree plan is approved by OGAPS, any changes in course work, committee membership, major, degree or department must be requested by petition to OGAPS.  As with the original degree plan, any changes must be electronically approved through DPSS by a pre-committee staff approver (if applicable), the committee chair and co-chair (if applicable), each member of the advisory committee, the department head or an intercollegiate faculty chairperson (if applicable). If the student is requesting a change of department or committee membership, the petition will be electronically routed to the current, approved department and/or committee member, as well as the new, proposed department and/or committee member.

Review and make decisions on student submitted petitions online using the Document Processing Submission System (DPSS).

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