Graduate Operations Committee (GOC)

The Graduate Operations Committee serves as an advisory body to the Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies.  It focuses primarily on operations and procedures regarding administration of graduate education throughout the University.  The Graduate Operations Committee serves as a forum for the Associate Deans in each College to discuss issues/concerns of an operational nature, and to recommend procedures, which are as uniform as possible across Colleges, to resolve these issues/concerns.  The Graduate Operations Committee works very closely with the Graduate Council to coordinate all curriculum and policy issues.  It also works closely with the Academic Operations Committee to consider recommendations concerning operations and procedures. 

Membership of the Committee includes the Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies as chairperson, the associate dean (or other named individual) responsible for graduate studies from each academic college, a representative from the Faculty Senate, a representative from the Graduate Council, a representative from the Academic Operations Committee, the Associate Director of Admissions, the Registrar (or designee), and other ex-officio members as deemed appropriate by the Provost. 
The Graduate Operations Committee may consider, for example:

  1. Procedures for streamlining admissions processes for international and domestic graduate students;
  1. Eligibility criteria for awarding of fellowships and out-of-state tuition waivers;
  1. Procedures for English Proficiency Certification of international graduate students as required by the legislature;
  1. Guidelines for implementing, monitoring and funding intercollegiate faculties and interdisciplinary programs;
  1. Procedures for enforcement of graduate student requirements such as final examination, degree plans, etc.

Graduate Operations Committee Members
As of June 1, 2017
Gerianne Alexander
Larry Bellinger
Christian Brannstrom
Robert Burghardt
Karen Butler-Purry
George B. Cunningham
Prasad Enjeti
Matthew Etchells, GPSC President
Amy Fairchild
Cole Blease Graham
Dawn Jourdan
Mansoor Kahn
Michael Kinney
Debra Matthews
Antonietta Quigg
Dave W. Reed
Ivan Rusyn
Van Wilson
Mark Zoran