Steps to Fulfill Master's Degree Requirements

You must maintain continuous registration until all degree requirements have been met.

Step What to Do When Approved by


Meet with departmental graduate advisor to plan course of study for first semester.

Before first semester registration.

Graduate advisor


Establish advisory committee; submit your degree plan online.

Following the deadline imposed by the student's college and approved no later than 90 days prior to the request of final oral or thesis defense; see OGAPS calendar.

Advisory committee, department head, and OGAPS


If thesis is required, submit thesis research proposal and Research Proposal Approval Form to the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Must be submitted no later than 20 working days prior to submitting the request and announcement of final examination.

Advisory committee, department head or chair of the intercollegiate faculty, Research Compliance and Biosafety, and OGAPS


Apply for a degree online at the Howdy portal; pay graduation fee.

During the first week of final semester; pay graduation fee after graduate application is submitted; see OGAPS calendar.



Check to make sure degree program and advisory committee are up-to-date, and course work is complete.

Well before submitting request to schedule final examination.

Advisory committee, graduate advisor and department head or chair of the intercollegiate faculty


Complete residence requirement. (Check with your department to determine if there is a residency requirement.)

If applicable, before or during final semester.



Submit Request and Announcement of Final Examination to schedule final examination to OGAPS.

Must be received by OGAPS at least 10 working days before exam date.(See OGAPS calendar for deadlines.)

Advisory committee, department head or chair of the intercollegiate faculty, and OGAPS


Successfully complete final examination.

The Report of the Final Exam form should be submitted to OGAPS within 10 days following the exam date by the department.

Advisory committee and OGAPS


If required, upload one approved final copy of thesis as a single PDF file to and submit signed thesis approval form to OGAPS.

See OGAPS calendar for deadlines.

Advisory committee, department head or chair of the intercollegiate faculty and OGAPS



Graduation; arrange for cap and gown. | More information


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