All requests must have departmental approval and must be sent to OGAPS for consideration by the 12th class day in the Fall/Spring and the 4th class day of the Summer. The request must include the student’s name, UIN, description of the program and the registered course with the number of hours. If approved, the request will be sent to the Office of the Registrar. This DOES NOT include students on assistantships, scholarships or fellowships. International students must acquire approval from the International Student Services Office (ISSO).

Register for courses through the Howdy Portal.

Full Time

Nine hours Fall/Spring; six hours Summer in any combination for full summer benefits or three hours in any combination for an individual summer session benefit is required to be considered full-time for assistantship, scholarship and fellowship purposes.

Half Time

In order for domestic graduate students to be eligible for financial aid, they must be registered at least half-time.  Half-time registration means

  • Fall/Spring – 5 hours
  • 10 Week Summer – 3 hours
  • 5 Week Summer – 2 hours

Continuous Enrollment

Students in graduate degree programs requiring a thesis, dissertation, internship or record of study who have completed all graded course work on the degree plan are required to be in continuous registration until all requirements for the degree have been completed. Non-thesis students must maintain continuous enrollment until all degree plan courses are completed, but are not held to the continuous registration requirement after that unless the department or college has a requirement.

Excess Hours

Students are allowed to enroll for a maximum of 15 hours during the fall/spring semesters, 6 hours for each summer session, and 12 hours during the 10-week session. The Dean of the College can approve (and register) students for 18 hours (fall/spring), 9 hours (5-week summer sessions), and 15 hours (10-week session).  Registration in addition to the 18, 9, and 15 hours, respectfully, will require OGAPS approval and must be submitted on the Petition for Waivers or Exceptions that includes the course prefix, number, section, hours and the semester. With the approval of the request, the course(s) will be added by OGAPS.


Doctoral students must be registered during the semester they take any part of the preliminary examination and the final examination. Master’s thesis option students must be registered during the semester they take the final examination. Master’s non-thesis students are not required by OGAPS to be registered during the semester of their final examination if all course work on the degree plan has been completed. Students who are attempting to hold an exam between semesters must be registered in the semester immediately preceding the exam in order to be eligible to take the exam.  A department and/or college may have requirements in addition to the University.

Not Registering for Courses in Graduating Semester

If a master’s thesis option or doctoral student has completed ALL degree requirements, including being CLEARED by the Thesis Office, by the last day to add courses for a semester, the student is not required to register for courses but must apply for graduation and pay the diploma fee. This rule does not apply to students on assistantships, scholarships and fellowships. A department and/or college may have requirements in addition to the University.

Certification of Full-Time Enrollment

Graduate students may be certified as full-time with registration of less than the number of hours required for full-time enrollment for two reasons.

  • Students participating in student teaching, internships, and cooperative education programs who are enrolled in less than nine semester hours during a fall or spring semester or six hours during a summer semester may be eligible to be certified as a full-time student with the approval of the Dean of the College or his or her designee.
  • During their last semester prior to graduation, if a graduate student is enrolled at Texas A&M in all remaining hours needed to complete his or her degree, has applied for graduation and does not hold a graduate assistantship, he or she may be certified as a full-time student for that final semester even though he or she may be enrolled in less than nine semester hours during a fall or spring semester, or six hours in a summer semester. 

Please note: A Q grade or W grade does not count toward the certification of enrollment status.