OGAPS T-Shirt Design Submission


  • Designs must include front and back of shirt.
  • Designs must be one color.
  • Designs must include 'Graduate and Professional Studies'.
  • Designs must follow University Brand Guides.


This submission form with close on June 10, 2018 at 11:59pm.


This T-Shirt Design Contest is open to all current Texas A&M University Graduate and Professional students. T-Shirt designs should not contain any original or modified versions of commonly used TAMU images (e.g. Aggie Ring, TAMU Athletics logos etc.).


The Winner will choose to receive one item between a GoPro Camera and Beats by Dre wireless headphones.

The Fine Print

One submission per person. No obscenities, copy-righted materials, profanity, derogatory images, explicit material, nudity, graphic violence, calls or incitement to violence, content or image(s) that could be considered abusive, inflammatory, denigrating or disrespectful to groups, individuals or institutions. OGAPS may use/publish logo for future advertisements and/or marketing materials. All ownership rights, including all intellectual property rights to the logo, will belong to OGAPS. OGAPS reserves the right to request changes, modifications, or revisions of the design. OGAPS reserves the rights not to select a winner if no suitable entries are received. OGAPS Staff and student employees are ineligible for this contest.

Prize Selection: