Welcome to Thesis and Dissertation Services. We are here to help you produce a high-quality and properly documented thesis, dissertation, or record of study. While your chair and committee oversee content, we ensure that every document meets Texas A&M University’s regulations for formatting and style.

Since writing a thesis or dissertation can be a daunting process, we have compiled the following helpful information:

Formatting Your Manuscript

Just as in any other publishing house, Texas A&M University has a number of specific formatting regulations that are required of all theses, dissertations, and records of study. Please use the following resources to help you with formatting:

  • Thesis & Dissertation Manual – This manual provides in-depth guidance on the rules for formatting your document. Be sure to check the back for a number of sample pages

  • Document Templates – The templates are available for Microsoft Word and LaTeX. Although these don’t eliminate the need for you to add formatting, they do come pre-formatted with many of our requirements, particularly for the preliminary pages or front matter. It is highly recommended that you use a template. Be sure to follow the accompanying instructions closely.

If you're new to Overleaf and LaTeX, help is available via their free introductory course and short tutorial video as well as on their FAQ and Help pages: and

Overleaf also offers a free webinar series. The levels and topics vary, and you can find registration information for upcoming webinars along with recorded versions for play on demand at


In Pre-Submittal Conference presentations, we go in-depth into formatting requirements, steps from submission to clearing, and everything else that it takes to clear the Thesis and Dissertation Services Office. If you attend in person, we highly recommend that you bring your document to the event so that our editors can help you with any questions. These conferences are well worth the two hours.

In person Pre-Submittal Conferences are held in Room 612 of the Evans Library. Visit the Event Registration System to register.

If you can’t attend in person, you can also view a Pre-Submittal Conference online.

Important Forms and Surveys

In addition to the manuscript of your thesis, dissertation, or record of study, we also require the following forms and surveys completed:

  • Written Dissertation Approval Form / Written Thesis Approval Form This essential form is due by the deadline day of the semester you plan to graduate and must be turned in before we can review your document. All signatures must be handwritten (no electronic signatures accepted). However, since the head of department signature must be original (i.e. not scanned or copied), this form must be delivered directly to the OGAPS office.

  • Copyright and Availability Form – This required form must be turned in before you can clear to graduate (can be after deadline day and may be scanned and attached to an email to

  • SED/AAUDE Surveys (for doctoral students only) – This should take about 15 minutes and must be completed before you clear. Be sure that the Certificate of Completion is sent to

How to Submit Your Document

All theses, dissertations, and records of study will be submitted electronically to Vireo ( in final PDF form. The submission process can take approximately 20 minutes, so please give yourself enough time.

Vireo is also where you can upload copyright permissions (if needed) and where you will retrieve a list of corrections once a review has been completed.

Be sure to submit your document (and Written Approval Form) by 5 p.m. on deadline day. The Vireo system closes down at that time; all submissions must be completed (not just begun) by 5 p.m. on deadline day to be accepted.

Submitting earlier in the semester, prior to deadline day, is highly encouraged and will result in a faster review time for your document.


Using Previously Published Material

It is very common to include material that you have published previously or perhaps a figure/table from another author within theses and dissertations; however, you must be very careful about properly citing these and asking for permission to use.

  • Text – If you have previously published an article, it is likely that the journal now owns the copyright. You must ask the journal for permission to use the article in your thesis/dissertation. Then you need to send a copy of that permission to Thesis & Dissertation Services either by uploading it to Vireo or by emailing it to us. Please see our Permission to Use Copyrighted Material handout for more detailed instructions.

  • Figures/Tables – If you are using previously published figures/tables in your document, you must conduct a Fair Use Analysis to determine whether or not you need to ask permission to use them. If you need to ask for permission, please send us a copy of the permissions.


It is extremely important that you keep a close eye on the deadlines for the semester in which you plan to graduate. A lot of students are surprised at how early in the semester some items are due. Below are just a few of the important dates:

Fall 2020

Deadline Date Meaning

Early Clearance
August 25, 2020 If you CLEAR (not just submit) by this day, AND you were registered for the previous semester, it is likely that you are not required to register for Spring 2020.

Last Day to Request Final Exam
October 2, 2020 Last day to submit “Request and Announcement of the Final Examination” or 10 working days prior to the examination, whichever comes first.
Deadline Day for Submitting October 23,, 2020 You must upload your thesis/dissertation to AND turn in a Written Approval Form by 5 pm on this day. You DO NOT have to clear on this day.
Clear by Graduation ceremony December 5, 2020 Clear by this day to get diploma at graduation ceremony. If not, you can attend and walk the stage, but your diploma tube will be empty – contact Registrar to receive diploma after you clear.
Last Day to Clear  January 25, 2021 You must clear by this date to be considered a Spring 2020 graduate.

Be sure to check the deadline calendars for more detailed information and additional deadlines.

Requirements to Clear for Graduation

Students are able to clear Thesis and Dissertation Services once all requirements have been completed. Those requirements include the following steps:

  • Applying for graduation
  • Registering for the current semester (or previous semester for early clearance)
  • Passing the oral defense
  • Turning in the Written Approval form
  • Turning in the Copyright and Availability form
  • Completing all necessary corrections requested by Thesis and Dissertation Services
  • Submitting (if necessary) copyright permission for previously published work
  • Submitting (if necessary) permission for figures and tables, or indicate that a Fair Use Analysis was done
  • Completing the SED/AAUDE Survey (Doctoral only)

Processing Fee

Once your Written Thesis/Dissertation Approval Form and your document have been submitted, you will be charged a processing fee of either $110 for master’s or $170 for doctoral students. The processing fee is payable at Student Business Services or online through the Howdy portal.


The following handouts give additional information about page numbers, copyright, oversized material, and much more:


Changes After Submitting or Clearance

When you submit your thesis/dissertation/record of study, your document’s content should be finalized. After submission, you are not allowed to make any changes to your document other than those requested by your reviewer.

After you clear our office, there are no changes allowed to your document.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you still have questions, please visit our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for additional information.

Contact Us

The Thesis & Dissertation Services office is located within the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies at 112 Jack K. Williams Administration Building, Texas A&M in College Station.

You can reach us via email at or by phone at 979-845-3631.

If you would like to talk to us in person, please either email or call to make an appointment. During non-peak reviewing times, we are able to make 15-minute appointments to answer your specific questions.

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