(last updated AUGUST 2019)

Payment of Tuition for Graduate Assistants

To attract and retain the best graduate students, in 2005 the university to developed a revised plan for payments of graduate student tuition.
In Spring 2011, the university issued a set of revised guidelines regarding tuition payments for graduate assistants that became effective for fall 2011 (FY12).
Those guidelines are still in effect today. It is important to inquire directly with your department, college or school to learn more about their funding practices. For example, they have the discretion to utilize various funds, including some that they receive from OGAPS, to support tuition payments for doctoral graduate assistants beyond the fifth year.

Resident Tuition Payment Guidelines (effective Fall 2011)

a.   Resident tuition will be paid from university funds for up to 5 years (for students admitted without a master’s degree) and 4 years (for students admitted with a master’s degree) for doctoral GATs (graduate  assistants teaching), GALs (graduate assistants lecturer), and GANTs (graduate assistants non-teaching), who are employed by academic departments in support of their department teaching missions. GARs (graduate assistants research) supported by state funds (e.g., start-up packages) or grants not allowing tuition payments are eligible for university funds, if available.  Resident tuition for doctoral graduate assistants research (GAR) funded by external grants and contracts will be paid from those grants and contracts. Differential tuition impacts undergraduate students only. The payment of resident tuition for doctoral graduate assistants not included in the categories above and master’s graduate assistants will be determined by the employing unit or faculty on a student- by- student basis.

b.   All or a portion of resident tuition for a select number of master’s students in GAT, GAR, or GANT positions may be paid from university funds at the discretion of the departments and colleges. Each college will establish and publish their respective policies for selecting the master’s students who receive tuition payments. For master’s graduate assistants funded by external grants and contracts, the employing faculty will determine on a student by student basis if the tuition payment benefit is paid.

c.   Payment of resident tuition for graduate assistants funded by non-college academic units will be determined by the employing unit on a student-by-student basis.

For more information please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about tuition payments and other helpful information for GAT, Graduate Assistant Research (GAR), Graduate Assistant Non-teaching (GANT), and Graduate Assistant Lecturer (GAL) positions.