Workshops and Tutorials


Graduate and Professional Student Workshops

OGAPS offers the Graduate and Professional Student Workshop Series in collaboration with the University Libraries, University Writing Center, POWER Writing, Office of Research Compliance, Financial Aid Office and others. These workshops are open to all students, including those at the Texas A&M Health Science Center and Law School. Video recordings exist for most workshops for students who cannot attend the workshops in person.

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Ask OGAPS: Q&A Session

Starting Fall 2015, Ask OGAPS will be available as a virtual Q&A Session. Students will have the opportunity to meet with OGAPS staff through a WebMeeting to discuss various topics related to their graduate studies.  Students can log onto these sessions from anywhere using their desktop computers, laptop computers, or mobile devices.

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Thesis and Dissertation Services Pre-Submittal Conference

The pre-submittal conference is designed to provide guidance on preparation, submission and review of the ETD. This conference meets in a group workshop format. Students are strongly encouraged to attend the pre-submittal conference prior to the oral defense. Thesis and Dissertation Services staff will review format guidelines, share sample pages and answer questions on style and format, as well as address deadlines and requirements for submittal and clearance. If you cannot attend a face-to-face conference, please refer to the Online Pre-Submittal Conference in the 'Tutorials' section below. 

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This online training guide is designed to provide early and specific guidance on the preparation of a thesis/dissertation/record of study for Texas A&M University’s Thesis and Dissertation Services. It is divided into separate sections to enable students to view some or all of the sections at their convenience and as many times as they deem necessary. This online pre-submittal conference is meant to serve as a supplement to, not a replacement for, the in person pre-submittal conference and the Thesis & Dissertation Manual. If possible, we encourage all students to schedule an in person pre-submittal conference around the date of their defense. For more information on the in person pre-submittal conference, please refer to the 'Workshop' section above.

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Filing a Petition to Change Major, Degree, or Department (MDD)

This tutorial provides guidance to students on filing an electronic petition to change major, degree or department (MDD) through the OGAPS Document Processing Submission System (DPSS).

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Filing a Long Form Petition

This tutorial provides guidance to students on filing an electronic petition for course changes, committee changes, waivers, exceptions, and/or time limit extensions – via the Long Form petition form in the OGAPS Document Processing Submission System (DPSS).

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Running a Degree Evaluation in Howdy

This tutorial provides step by step guidance to student on checking student course and non-course requirements through Howdy. Students will be able to see progress toward degree (including degree plan information), courses taken in each semester (along with individual course grades), and GPA (degree plan and cumulative).

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