Applying to Graduate School


  1. Obtain a 4-year undergraduate degree from an accredited university.
  2. Determine which graduate school(s) you want to attend.  Texas A&M University graduate programs and degrees are among the nation's best!
  3. Contact the department(s) or academic program(s) of interest and obtain any special entrance requirements and deadlines for application.
  4. Take the appropriate graduate school entrance exam for your field (GRE, GMAT, etc.) and send the scores to Texas A&M University (Code 6003), The Office of Admissions and Records.
  5. Create a resume or curriculum vitae.
  6. Develop an essay or Statement of Purpose that addresses your reasons for pursuing a graduate eduation in your field of interest, your background and also describe your long term goals.
  7. Obtain letters of recommendation from educational officials familiar with your academic performance.  The individual completing the recommendation forms should return their recommendation to the graduate advisor in your major field of study.
  8. Determine how to have copies of your official transcript(s) from each senior-level, post-secondary institution attended sent to your selected schools.  An official statement of the degree awarded or diploma is required for each degree.
  9. Learn about all the application fees.

You are now ready to apply!     Apply Now!

Go to ApplyTexas and select Texas A&M University (6003) to begin an application.  Complete and send your application forms, documents and payment before the stated deadline.

Mays Business School Applications - Click here to view application information and to apply through a web-based application as part of the Apply Yourself Application Network.

School of Public Health Applications - Click here to view application information and to apply through the corresponding School of Public Health Application system.

Check with your department or program to confirm that they received your application and that it is complete.