You Do Have Time to Listen to Podcasts in Grad School

    Posted on Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019
    Podcasts are great! The convenience of podcasts is what keeps me coming back every morning. I used to hear about people listening to podcasts, but I would never dare do that...who has the time? I am here to tell you that YOU do. 
    Some easy times to listen to a podcast that doesn’t take away from your already busy day:
    • In the car on your commute to school or work
    • On the bus on your commute to school or work 
    • During your walk across campus to class
    • In the shower
    • In the kitchen, while you prepare a meal
    • During a workout at the gym 
    Now you’re convinced that you have the time to listen to podcasts. Where do you start? This is the fun part! It takes some experimenting to figure out what podcast shows are going to engage you week after week. I have started podcast episodes only to turn them off 5 minutes into the episode because the content wasn’t what I was expecting, or the host’s voice was a bit annoying. I have even found shows that I only liked certain episodes. However, the best feeling is finding a show that has you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next episode to be released!
    Below are some suggestions to get you started on your hunt for a new podcast or two:
    NPR News Now- A podcast that gives you the most recent news in less than 5 minutes. It is updated hourly! 
    Hello PhD- A podcast that discusses the ups and downs of grad school and biomedical research. This podcast doesn’t seem to have a consistent schedule for releasing new episodes. They look to be about every 3 weeks or so. The names of the last two episodes? Tenure Track--The Life Non-Linear with Dr. Jimena Giudice and A Teenager Goes to Grad School feat. Julia
    TED Radio Hour- A podcast with everything TED. Who doesn’t like TED talks? Here’s a great excuse to incorporate more TED talks into your life. There is a new episode weekly. The names of the last two episodes? Erasing the Stigma and Maslow’s Human Needs.
    Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing- A podcast that will help you become a better writer. The length of episodes varies, but it seems they release a new one about every 4 days. The names of the last two episodes? Turning a Podcast into a Novel and Making Words That End in ‘Y’ Plural. 
    Texas A&M Health Talk- A podcast out of our very own Health Science Center discussing various health topics. There is a new episode every Tuesday. The names of the last two episodes? Office Ergonomics and Research Explains Why You Should Eat Your Broccoli.
    Crime Junkie- A podcast about all things crime. There is a new episode every week. The names of the last two episodes? MISSING: Women of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and MISSING: Lauren Spierer
    And my personal favorite...the show that has me on the edge of my seat for a new episode each week...the show that makes me sad when it goes on a break for a couple of weeks to prepare for the next season… 
    Bloom and Grow Radio- A podcast that discusses all things houseplant. The names of the last two episodes? Hydroponic Gardening 101 and Info on Sustainability of Peat Moss. It’s a niche podcast, and this is where I suggest that you find a niche podcast in an area of interest of your own!
    As you can see, it's all about finding what you enjoy listening to. There are podcasts for every topic you could think of! From news all the way to crime, there is a podcast for everyone...even a perfect podcast for a little ole plant lady like me.
    Do you have a favorite podcast that others should know about?? Leave a comment below. I am always looking to follow new shows!
    ---Courtney Adams
    Courtney Adams is a masters student in the Department of Veterinary Integrative Biosciences

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