Pathways to the Doctorate Fellowship

This fellowship is offered to a faculty team through a proposal process. The fellowship assists faculty teams in identifying and supporting high quality doctoral students that will ultimately increase the pool of potential future faculty for Texas Higher Education institutions. Students supported on this fellowship must:

  1. be U.S. citizens or permanent residents,
  2. be new doctoral students, and
  3. have received their bachelor’s degree from a TAMU System Institution other than TAMU, College Station.

Only by OGAPS approval of a special request can an award go to a prospective student with a master’s but not a bachelor’s degree from a TAMUS institution other than TAMU, College Station. The hope is that teams will give priority to Texas residents and first generation graduate students.

Students selected by the faculty team will conduct research and will register full time at the Texas A&M University College Station campus. Students from Texas A&M University system schools, who received the fellowship from a Pathways to the Doctorate faculty team, will garner support from both OGAPS and the faculty team.

Pathways to the Doctorate Fellowship Program

The Pathways to the Doctorate Fellowship Program partners with faculty teams or individual faculty at Texas A&M University (TAMU) to recruit into and graduate from TAMU doctoral programs high quality and diverse students who received their baccalaureate degrees from Texas A&M System institutions and who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Programmatic outcomes associated with these goals are:

  • Create potential future faculty for Texas Higher Education institutions,
  • Build institutional links and pipelines,
  • Increase diversity at the Texas A&M University.

TAMU Faculty will mentor Pathways to the Doctorate students in:

  • Gaining authentic research experiences,
  • Developing a capacity of critical problem solving,
  • Establishing relationships with research professionals,
  • Developing leadership skills to manage diverse teams,
  • Improving their curriculum vitae.

For a description of the Pathways to the Doctorate Fellowship program, click here.

To learn about the process for becoming a faculty partner, click here.

Click here for a comprehensive list of faculty teams who currently participate as continuing partners in the Pathways to the Doctorate Fellowship Program (as of January 2018).

Pathway Conference Awards

Kristen Hicks, a PhD student from Nutrition and Food Science Department at Texas A&M University, participated in the Pathways to the Doctorate Symposium in Corpus Christ, October 22-23, 2015 where she was awarded First Place Prize for her poster in the Ph.D. Life Sciences category, and a Second Place Prize overall for the Ph.D. Category. Her poster title was ‘Physical nutrition program (PNEP): Physician Opinion Survey.


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