Coalition for Next Generation Life Science (CNGLS)

Texas A&M University is proud to be a member of the Coalition for Next Generation Life Science. Coalition members commit to collecting and publicly sharing data across a number of domains. The end objective is to increase transparency, improve training outcomes, and enhance recruitment and retention efforts aimed at diversifying the life sciences.*

 PhD Admissions and Matriculation Data1

 Demographics of Currently Enrolled PhD Students1

 Median Time-to Degree for PhD Graduates1

 Completion Data for PhD Programs1

 Career Outcomes for PhD Alumni2

 Career Outcomes for New PhD Graduates3


At Texas A&M University, the following degrees are in the Life Sciences Category: Agronomy; Animal Science; Biochemistry; Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Entomology; Ecosystem Science and Mgmt; Food Science & Technology; Genetics; Horticulture; Marine Biology; Molecular & Env Plant Sciences; Nutrition; Plant Breeding; Plant Pathology; Physiology of Reproduction; Soil Science; Pharmacy; Neuroscience; Oral Biology; Kinesiology; Medical Sciences; Biology; Marine Biology; Microbiology; Biomedical Sciences; and Toxicology.

1 Data from
2 Data from CGS PhD Career Pathways Alumni Survey
3 Data from AAUDE Doctoral Exit Survey

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